Rev. Dale Walling
Interim Minister



Welcome to my virtual space!  In the above links you will find information about my ministry:  there is a short bio, newsletter articles, several audios of sermons, a brief description on why hiring an Intentional Interim Minister is important during your churches time of transition and I've included a link to the Disciples of Christ web page, which has resources for Pulpit Committees and congregations! 


I hope this is useful as you search for the interim to help your congregation prepare for the future!


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God bless you in this process!


                                               Dale Walling

                                               Interim Minister



Why an Intentional Interim?

“There is value in transitional-ministry. Sometimes congregations are afraid of interims, believing they will change everything and cause more harm than good.  But interim ministry is about strengthening a congregation in preparation for their next minister by looking at programs, personnel, church history as well as addressing any conflict or struggles within the membership.  The goal is not to create problems but help “firm” the foundation for the future.

                                                            --Rev. Walling